SuperStall Saves on Time and Money!

Who loves spending hours and hours taking care of a horse stall? Not me that is for sure. I think the biggest issue that takes up the most time with mucking a stall is the horses that love to spread their manure around the entire stall. These are the types of stalls where you have to go through every inch of the stall with a pitch fork to make sure to separate the manure from the 3 inches of bedding. A few different barns that I have been in have either rubber mats as the flooring, or just a dirt floor. These types of floors normally have a few inches of bedding on top of the floor or mats; which can lead to hours of your time trying to differentiate the manure from the bedding.

I think my favorite part about SuperStalls is the fact that you save so much time! You only put in enough bedding to soak up the urine. You don’t have three inches of bedding to sort through to muck out the stall. You literally go right into the stall, pick up the wet bedding and manure and you’re done! SuperStalls need at the most, an inch of bedding. The topcover of our stalls are soft on the hocks so that there doesn’t need to be deep bedding for your horse to lie down in this stall. By having less than once inch of bedding, you will notice a huge difference in how much bedding you use and the tHunter Harrison 037ime spent going through and mucking the stall. You’ll be saving tremendously on time and labor!

I recently caught up with a customer that installed our SuperStalls in the fall of 2014. She was telling me that her gelding loves to lie down in his stall. After she installed our SuperStall, she noticed he no longer had lesions or sores on his hocks and ankles. She said how much her horses love the SuperStalls and spend more time lying down in their stalls than ever before. It truly was great feedback to hear.

We love to hear from our customers on how much they, and their horses, love our SuperStall! What is your favorite part about your SuperStall system?

Carolyn welcomes your comments!

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