Catching Up With Customers

Equine Affaire is always our favorite show to go to. It gives us the chance to talk to lots of equestrian and hear how their current footings are, and img_3331how they want footing to perform for their horses.  As I mentioned last year, we pulled together a new way for people to view our footings at shows. We created a side view of how we recommend the base to be constructed, as well as a good amount of footing for people to touch and feel. It gives them the chance to touch all of the footings and feel the differences between each of them. We sometimes quiz them after by asking them what type of riding they do and what footing they think would be best for them!

Going to Equine Affaire also allows us to catch up with customers who have our products installed, which is my favorite part! We get to hear from students who have our footing at their college, riders that board at a barn with our footing, and directly from the customers that purchased the footing. Hearing testimonials from the broad range of people that i
nteract with our footing is great. Sometimes we contact with customers solely over phone and email and it is great to finally meet those customers in person. We also have some customers stop every year to tell us how their footing is doing, how their barn is doing and any projects they have in the future. It is also really nice to see these customers year after year.

If you didn’t stop by this year at Equine Affaire, we hope to see you next year!

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