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Carolyn KyleI’m Carolyn Kyle, co-owner of IGK Equestrian, a division of North Brook Farms. My husband Peter and I oversee the  manufacturing and installation of arena footing, amendments and equine comfort systems for some of the world’s finest performance horses. We also make cow mattresses for dairy farmers and high-performance building materials for the agriculture industry.

I’m also a licensed pilot, competitive runner, former youth and family advocate-activist and devoted mother. Our company name is based on the initials of our sons Ian, Grant and Keiller, who have also been active in the family business. Aren’t they adorable?

The Kyle family

So, how did an adventurous, educated, family gal like me get into the equine footing and bedding business? It all started more than 20 years ago, when Peter and I were dairy farmers milking 350 head on an 800-acre farm in central New York. Our veterinarian told us we needed to make our cows more comfortable, since well-rested cows produce more milk. We stuffed recycled tire buffings into the stalls, covered them with an industrial fabric and — voila! — the world’s first cow mattress was born. We started making them for neighboring farms, and eventually left the dairy business to make cow mattresses full time.

Then Peter and I moved on to horse mattresses, which have a lot in common with cow mattresses — good traction, stability and support for large, heavy animals. We decided to try our hand at making “dust-free” footing for arenas, and experimented with the right mix of rubber, sand, fiber and wax. Eventually, we landed on the right formula for a dust-free surface, and that formula is present today in our TruStride and LiteStride footings.

 Just one more thing . As you may know, farmers are the original environmental stewards. Peter and the kids and I have been hard-wired to conserve and recycle resources wherever possible. We’ve brought these “green” values into the business, which is why all IGK Equestrian footing and bedding products contain some recycled content.

That’s enough about me. Please feel free to read through Carolyn’s Footing and Bedding Blog, and let me hear a bit about you.


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